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When we look at Earth from one of our closest planets only 225 million kilometers away, Mars, as in the image above, photographed from NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover, we can barely see the speck that is actually our seemingly vast home planet.  The farthest object we can see, with the assistance of the Hubble Space Telescope, is the Fornax constellation 13.2 billion light years away, an unfathomably distant location in an infinite Universe . . . yet our earthen civilization is the only intelligent life of which we have any evidence.

Why does The Universe exist?  Why is there something, rather than nothing?  Is there a purpose to life?  Is there a meaning and purpose to my life?  Are there ideal paradigms of living that maximize human value, human potential, human liberty, and sustainable utilization of resources?

The Pensmore Foundation seeks to examine these ancient questions through the lenses of timeless philosophies, Judeo-Christian revelation, historical scholarship, and scientific discovery.  Pensmore Foundation provides forums, and facilitates dialogue between the world's leading thinkers and laypeople alike.  You can find a discussion of some of these forums here.

But we are also keenly aware of the great value of the limited resources our planet has to offer.  The political and regulatory uncertainties that additionally encumber those resources create a need to consistently conserve as much energy as possible.  The greenest energy is that which is saved; hence, Pensmore Foundation is also committed to exploring new, cutting edge construction and environmental technology and methodology.  One such project is discussed here.

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We explore the mysteries of life, existence, and the life best lived.

Pensmore Foundation does not accept any unsolicited grant requests or proposals.